Report of activity

Abstract of the 199th meeting of CCEP

 The 199th meeting of the Coordinating Committee for Earthquake Prediction(CCEP) was held at the Kanto Regional Survey Department of the GSI on May 30, 2013. Observation data and research results about seismic activities and crustal deformations in Japan were reported and discussed. Moreover, " Earthquakes and tsunamis in Sea of Japan. " as intensive discussion subject were discussed. Finally, purport of next intensive discussion subject "Current status and evaluation of short-term earthquake forecasts. " was explained.

  • Organization of CCEP of the 23rd committee.
  • Prof. Hirahara of Kyoto University was elected as the new chairman. Prof.Hirahara nominated Prof. Matsuzawa and Prof. Yamaoka as vice-chairman, Prof. Matsuzawa as the leader of East-Japan sub-committee, Prof. Hirata as the leader of Central-Japan sub-committee, Prof.Shibutani as the leader of West-Japan sub-committee, and Prof.Yamaoka as the leader of intensive discussion subject sub-committee.

    List of the 23rd committee members