Report of activity

Abstract of the 222nd meeting of CCEP

  The 222nd meeting of the Coordinating Committee for Earthquake Prediction (CCEP) was held at the Kanto Regional Survey Department of the GSI on Feb 22, 2019. Firstly, nationwide monitoring data of the seismic activity and the crustal deformaitons were reported. Secondary, the CCEP members discussed the intensive discussion subject "Crust activity in the Nansei shoto area". Finally, the purport of next intensive discussion subject "Crustal activities of coastal areas in southwest Japan" was explained.

  • Deliberation about crusutal activity monitoring.
  • 1.General crustal activities
    (1)Seismic activities of Japan.
         p2 (JMA)
    (2)Activity of shallow very low frequency earthquakes around Japan.
         p3 (NIED)
    (3)Strain changes in the Japanese Islands.
         p4 (GSI)
    (4)Seafloor movements observed by seafloor geodetic observations around Japan.
         pp5-8 (JCG)

    1.2 Stuck state of plate boundary and its change.
    (1)Suruga trough, Nankai trough and Nansei shoto trench.
         p9 (JCG)
         pp10-12 (NIED)
         pp13-15 (GSI)

    1.3 Others.
    (1)Earthquake of Kumamoto region, Kumamoto Prefecture. (Jan. 3, 2019 / Jan.26,2019)
         pp16-19 (JMA)
    (2)The Offshore Tanegashima earthquake. (Jan. 8, 2019)
         p20 (GSI)
    (3)High resolution space-time model forecasting 3D seismicity beneath Kanto Region.
         p21 (ISM)
    (4)Eruption of the Krakatau Volcano, Indonesia. (Dec. 22, 2018)
         pp22-24 (GSI)
    (5)The Hokkaido east central Iburi earthquake. (Feb. 21, 2019)
         pp25-26 (JMA)
         pp27-28 (GSI)

  • Crust activity in the Nansei shoto area
          p30 Convener: Shigeru Nakao (Kagoshima University)
  •       Subduction Structure and seismic activity in the Ryukyu Trench
          p32 Ryuta Arai (JAMASTEC)
          Spatio-temporal distribution of regular and very low-frequency earthquakes in the northern part of the Ryukyu subduction zone
          p33 Youichi Asano (NIED)
          Short-term slow slip events along the Nansei (Ryukyu) Islands estimated from GNSS data
          p34 Takuya Nishimura (Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University)
          Monitoring of seismic activity and crustal deformation derived from long term observation on sea bottom and land in and around northern part of Nansei Syoto islands
          pp35-36 Hiroshi Yagihara (Kagoshima University)
          Interplate coupling state at the central and southern Nansei-Shoto (Ryukyu) Trench, deduced from seafloor crustal deformation measurements
          p37 Mamoru Nakamura (University of the Ryukyu)