Report of activity

Abstract of the 215th meeting of CCEP

  The 215th meeting of the Coordinating Committee for Earthquake Prediction(CCEP) was held at the Kanto Regional Survey Department of the GSI on May 19, 2017. Firstly, nationwide monitoring data of the seismic activity and the crustal deformaitons were reported. Secondary, the CCEP members discussed the intensive discussion subject "Progress of geophysical monitoring on the sea floor". Finally, the purport of next intensive discussion subject "Earthquake centered just under the capital" was explained.

  • Organization of the 25th CCEP.
  • Prof. Hirahara of Kyoto University was elected as the new chairman. Then, Prof. Hirahara designated Prof. Matsuzawa (Tohoku Univ.) and Prof. Yamaoka (Nagoya Univ.) as the vice-chairman, Prof. Matsuzawa as the leader of East Japan subcommittee, Prof. Hirata (Tokyo Univ.) as the leader of Central Japan subcommittee, Prof. Shibutani (Kyoto Univ.) as the leader of West Japan subcommittee, and Prof. Yamaoka as the leader of intensive discussion subject subcommittee.

  • Summary of CCEP SAR Analysis Working Group activities over 3 years
  • CCEP SAR Analysis WG (established in February 2014) reported the summary of their activities over 3 years. (link)

    • Deliberation about crusutal activity monitoring.
    • 1.General crusutal activities
      (1)Seismic activities of Japan.
           p5 (JMA)
      (2)Activity of shallow very low frequency earthquakes around Japan.
           p6 (NIED)
      (3)Strain changes in the Japanese Islands.
           p7 (GSI)

      1.2 The coupling state and change on the plate boundary
      (1)Japan Trench and Chishima Trench.
           p8 (JMA)
      (2)Suruga trough ,Nankai trough and Nansei shoto trench.
           pp9-10 (NIED)

      1.3 Another.
      (1)Earthquake in northern Ibaraki Prefecture .
           p11 (JMA)
      (2)Crustal dynamics of the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake.
           p12 (GSI)
           p13 (ISM)

    • Progress in seismic, geodetic and tsunami monitoring on the seafloor p17 (Convener: Prof. Shinohara (Tokyo Univ.))
    •      Seafloor network systems for earthquakes and tsunamis operated by NIED, -DONET & S-net- p19 (Narumi Takahashi, NIED)
           Long-term seafloor borehole observation in the Nankai Trough p20 (Eiichiro Araki, JAMSTEC)
           Progress and outlook for GPS-A seafloor geodesy p21 (Tadashi Ishikawa,JCG)
           Introduction of the current seafloor acoustic ranging system p22 (Motoyuki Kido, Tohoku Univ.)
           Perspectives on real-time tsunami forecast by dense ocean-bottom tsunameter network p23 (Takuto Maeda, Tokyo Univ.)
           Simulated Performance using Ocean Bottom Seismometers: Earthquake Early Warning - Application of “Numerical Shake Prediction” - p24 (Mitsuyuki Hoshiba,MRI)