Report of activity

Abstract of the 228th meeting of CCEP

  The 228th meeting of the Coordinating Committee for Earthquake Prediction (CCEP) was held at the web confrence of GSI on Aug. 28, 2020. Firstly, the nationwide monitoring data of the seismic activity and the crustal deformaitons were reported. Secondary, the CCEP members discussed the intensive discussion subject "Future vision for monitoring of crustal activity around Japan". Finally, the purport of next intensive discussion subject "Trial of experimental earthquake forecast Part 7" was explained.

  • Deliberation about crusutal activity monitoring.
  • 1.1 General crustal activities
    (1) Seismic activities of Japan
           p2 (JMA)
    (2) Activities of shallow and very-low-frequency earthquakes around Japan
           p3 (NIED)
    (3) Strain changes in Japanese Islands
           p4 (GSI)

    1.2 Stuck state of plate boundary and its change
    (1) Suruga trough, Nankai trough and Nansei islands trench
           pp5-7 (NIED)
           pp8-9, p10 , p11, p12(GSI)

    1.3 Others
    (1) Activities of the earthquakes around Nagano and Gifu Prefecture
           p13 (JMA)
    (2) Earthquake eastward offshore of Chiba Prefecture (Jun. 25, 2020 M6.1)
           pp14 (JMA)

  • Future vision for monitoring of crustal activity around Japan
  •        p16 Convener: Kazushige OBARA(ERI)

    -Prospects of Monitoring of Crustal Deformation on Land
           p18 Yuki HATANAKA (GSI)
    -Current status and prospects for earthquake observation of MOWLAS
           p19 Shin AOI (NIED)
    -Marine seismic and geodetic observation in the future
           p20 Masanao SHINOHARA(ERI)
    -Dense seismic observation design for capturing background of large inland earthquakes
    (lessons from "0.1Manten" hyper dense seismic observation)
           p21 Satoshi MATSUMOTO(Kyusyu Univ.)
    -DAS observation using fiber optic cable: Application in Seismology
           p22 Kentaro EMOTO(Tohoku Univ.)