Report of CCEP

Report Vol.10

1-1 On the Earthquake off Nemuro Peninsula, June 17,1973 (JMA) PDF[772KB]
1-2 Geomagnetic Change related to OFF NEMURO PENINSULA EARTHQUAKE, June 17,1973 (JMA) PDF[386KB]
1-3 Horizontal Movement in the Eastern Part of Hokkaido (GSI) PDF[361KB]
1-4 Differences of Annual Mean Sea Level between Hanasaki and Urakawa (GSI) PDF[457KB]
1-5 Some Remarks on the Earthquakes off the Nemuro Peninsula in June, 1973 (Nagoya Univ.) PDF[464KB]
2-1 Earthquake Swarm that occurred at the foot of Mt. Iwaki, Aomori Prefecture (II) (JMA) PDF[212KB]
2-2 Microseismicity Maps of the Tohoku District for Jan. 〜June, 1972 (Tohoku Univ.) PDF[304KB]
3-1 Earth's Strain Measurements in South Kanto District (GSI) PDF[684KB]
3-2 Vertical Movements in South Kanto District (GSI) PDF[754KB]
3-3 On the Earthquake Swarm of Southeast off the Boso Peninsula for January〜February (JMA ) PDF[535KB]
3-4 Ocean Bottom Seismographic Observations at east off Hachijojima and Sagami Bay (ERI) PDF[530KB]
3-5 The Earthquake of December 4,1972 in the East off Hachijojima, Part 2 (ERI) PDF[660KB]
3-6 Seismicity Maps of the Kanto District for the Every 10 km Thick Layers (ERI) PDF[1.2MB]
3-7 The Odawara Bore-hole Station equipped with a bouy tiltmeter (ERI) PDF[652KB]
4-1 Vertical Movements in Chubu District (2) (GSI) PDF[531KB]
4-2 Horizontal Displacement Vectors in Kanto and Chubu Districts (GSI) PDF[430KB]
5-1 Vertical Movement around the Lake Biwa (GSI) PDF[211KB]
6-1 On the Managua Earthquake of Dec. 23,1972 (JMA) PDF[332KB]