Alteration of Report vol.77-82

There are polar error on Obsevation date from Mar. 2006 to 2009 at Tateyama Crustal Activity Observatory in Report Vol.77-82. Please accept our sincere apology and set the date right.

The polarity of signal output from sensors (3 strainmeters and 2 tiltmeters) at Tateyama Crustal Activity Observatory was inverted by a mistake after March 30, 2006, when a maintenance was carried out at the observatory.

This figure shows corrected results.

  • Vol.77 4-6 fig.9
  • Vol.78 4-4 fig.16
  • Vol.79 4-11 fig.2
  • Vol.80 4-13 fig.6
  • Vol.81 4-7 fig.2
  • Vol.82 4-8 fig.6

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