Report of CCEP

Report Vol.13

1-1 Crustal Deformation in South-eastern Part of Hokkaido after the Off Nemuro Peninsula Earthquake, 1973 (GSI) PDF[439KB]
1-2 Seismicity in and around Hokkaido (August〜November, 1974) (Hokkaido Univ.) PDF[459KB]
1-3 Vertical Crustal Movements near Erimo Promontory (GSI) PDF[345KB]
1-4 Submarine Topography and Geological Structure in the Northern Part of Hidaka Trough (HD) PDF[526KB]
1-5 Microseismicity Maps of the Tohoku District for Jan. -June, 1973 (Tohoku Univ.) PDF[457KB]
1-6 Vertical Movements between Noshiro and Sakata (GSI) PDF[408KB]
1-7 Vertical Movements between Koriyama and Utsunomiya (GSI) PDF[437KB]
1-8 Vertical Movements between Yasuda and Aizuwakamatsu (GSI) PDF[364KB]
2-1 Vertical Movements between Imaichi and Mito (GSI) PDF[484KB]
2-2 On the Earthquake of August 4,1974, occurred in the South-west Part of the Ibaragi Prefecture (CDP) PDF[446KB]
2-3 Seismic Activity to the Southeast off the Boso Peninsula (JMA) PDF[522KB]
2-4 Primary Geodetic Survey in Southern Boso Peninsula (GSI) PDF[791KB]
2-5 Vertical Movements in South Kanto District (GSI) PDF[537KB]
2-6 Crustal Upheaval near the Mouth of Tamagawa River (GSI) PDF[410KB]
2-7 Crustal Upheaval in Kawasaki City (Shizuoka Univ.) PDF[648KB]
2-8 Geology and Geologic Structure in and around the Eastern Part of the City of Kawasaki (GS) PDF[587KB]
2-9 Seismic Activity in the Lower Reaches of the Tama River (JMA) PDF[814KB]
2-10 Secular Ground Tilts and Strains as Observed at Abratsubo and Nokogiriyama (5) (ERI) PDF[719KB]
2-11 Crustal Strain Observation at Tateyama Crustal Activity Observatory (1) (GSI) PDF[526KB]
3-1 Recent Seismic Activity in the Northern Part of Izu Peninsula (JMA) PDF[521KB]
3-2 Observation of the Main and Aftershocks of the Earthquake off the Izu Peninsula, 1974 (Research Group for Aftershocks.) PDF[542KB]
3-3 Afterseismic Movement of the Earthquake Fault associated with the off-Izu Peninsula Earthquake of 1974 (GS) PDF[629KB]
3-4 Levelling Survey over the Epicentral Area of the 1974 Izu-Hanto-Oki Earthquake (ERI ) PDF[565KB]
3-5 Change in Tidal Factor during the 1974 Izu-Hanto-Oki Earthquake by means of an Askania Tidal Gravimeter (ERI) PDF[386KB]
3-6 Vertical Movements Associated with Off the Izu Peninsula Earthquake of 1974 (GSI) PDF[578KB]
3-7 A possible Precursor of 1974 Izu-Hanto-Oki Earthquake-Rise of the Magma Head and Amplitude Increase of Volcanic Tremors of Miharayama, Izu-Oshima Volcano (ERI&-JMA) PDF[495KB]
4-1 Seismic Activity in and near the Bay of Ise (JMA) PDF[389KB]
4-2 Sudden Occurrence of Ground Subsidence at Yokkaichi (Nagoya Univ.) PDF[491KB]
4-3 An abrupt Land Subsidence found by Levelling in the City of Yokkaichi and the sourrounding Area in December, 1971 (GSI) PDF[374KB]
4-4 Vertical Movements between Toyama and Takayama (GSI) PDF[354KB]
4-5 Vertical Movements in Niigata District (GSI) PDF[471KB]
5-1 Temporal Variation of Micro-Seismicity (Kyoto Univ.) PDF[648KB]
6-1 On the Seismic Activity in and near Iyonada and Akinada (JMA) PDF[292KB]
7-1 GDPTraverse Survey of High Precision in Kyusyu District (GSI) PDF[289KB]