Report of CCEP

Report Vol.24

1-1 Results of Resurvey at Akkeshi Rhombus Base, Lines in the Southeast Part of Hokkaido District (GSI) PDF[331KB]
1-2 Recent Seismic Activity in and around Hokkaido (1979, December - 1980, May) (Hokkaido Univ.) PDF[303KB]
1-3 On the Earthquake Swarm near Hakodate, Southern Hokkaido (to be continued) (Hokkaido Univ.) PDF[241KB]
1-4 Earthquake Swarm near Hakodate, Southern Hokkaido (II) (JMA) PDF[244KB]
1-5 The Earthquake (M6.8) on February 23,1980 off Shikotan Island in Southern Kurile (Hokkaido Univ.) PDF[346KB]
1-6 The Earthquake off the Southeast Coast of Hokkaido, Feb. 23,1980 (JMA) PDF[196KB]
1-7 Premonitory Seismic Activities Associated with Large Earthquakes off East Coast of Hokkaido (Hokkaido Univ.) PDF[265KB]
2-1 Microseismic Activity in and near the Tohoku District (November, 1979 - April, 1980) (Tohoku Univ.) PDF[1.6MB]
2-2 Variations in Chemical Composition of Groundwater in Earthquake Swarms Region, Iwasaki, Aomori Prefecture (Tokyo Univ.) PDF[256KB]
2-3 Post-Seismic Crustal Movements of the 1978 Miyagi-Oki Earthquake as Seen in the Tidal Records. (ERI) PDF[318KB]
2-4 Vertical Movements in the Southeast Part of Tohoku District (GSI) PDF[362KB]
2-5 Vertical Movement in the Eastern Tohoku District (GSI) PDF[278KB]
2-6 Horizontal Strain in the Southern Tohoku District (GSI) PDF[1.6MB]
2-7 Submarine Topography, Geological Structure and Geomagnetic Total Force at Sea North off Zyoban District. (HD) PDF[674KB]
2-8 Multichannel Seismic Reflection Profiling off Abukuma Mountains (1) (HD) PDF[1.1MB]
3-1 Recent Seismic Activities in the Kanto-Tokai Area (November, 1979 - April, 1980) (CDP) PDF[776KB]
3-2 Recent Continuous Measurements of Ground Tilt in the Kanto-Tokai Area (November, 1979 - April, 1980) (CDP) PDF[529KB]
3-3 Observations of Crustal Strains by Borehole Strain-meters in the Kanto and Tokai District (JMA) PDF[297KB]
3-4 Breakdown of the Daiiti-Kasima Seamount in the Japan Trench (HD) PDF[365KB]
3-5 Horizontal Strain in the Kanto District (GSI) PDF[2.6MB]
3-6 Crustal Movement in the South Kanto District (GSI) PDF[577KB]
3-7 Secular Ground Tilts and Strains as Observed at Aburatsubo and Nokogiriyama (9) (ERI) PDF[290KB]
3-8 Geodimeter Surveys in the Miura, Boso and Uraga-Suido Area (1) (ERI) PDF[639KB]
3-9 Geodetic Survey across the Kitatake Fault, Miura Peninsula (GS) PDF[301KB]
3-10 In Situ Stress Measurements by a Stress Relief Method in the Tanzawa Mountains (GS) PDF[478KB]
3-11 Geomagnetic Anomaly of Seamount Daiiti-Kasima (HD) PDF[333KB]
3-12 Seismic Activity in the Izu Peninsula and its Vicinity (November, 1979 - April, 1980) (ERI) PDF[357KB]
3-13 Gravity Change Rate in Izu Peninsula (ERI) PDF[353KB]
3-14 Electromagnetic Investigation of Tanna and Ukihashi Fault, Izu Peninsula (Electromagnetic Research Group of the Fault Activity) PDF[670KB]
3-15 The Continuous Observations of Water Temperatures in Ground-Water in the Izu Peninsula (3) (Kyoto Univ.) PDF[486KB]
3-16 Geomagnetic Observation for Earthquake Prediction in the Izu-Tokai District (JMA) PDF[284KB]
3-17 After-Seismic Movement of the Irozaki Earthquake Fault (GS) PDF[401KB]
3-18 Crustal Deformation in the Izu District (GSI) PDF[492KB]
4-1 Seismic Activity in the Shin-etsu District (November 1979 - March 1980) (ERI) PDF[280KB]
4-2 Crustal Movements in Sado-Yahiko District (7) (ERI) PDF[345KB]
4-3 Crustal Movement Observation in the Fuji River and Suruga Bay Area (Part 6) (ERI) PDF[586KB]
4-4 Change of Gravity in the Region between Mori and Omaezaki (Kyoto Univ., ERI) PDF[181KB]
4-5 Activity of Small Earthquakes in the Tokai District (April 1,1979 -May 31,1980) (JMA) PDF[270KB]
4-6 Crustal Deformation in the Tokai District (GSI) PDF[564KB]
4-7 Horizontal Strain of the Suruga Bay |Base-Line Net (Shizuoka Univ.) PDF[246KB]
4-8 Relationship between the Future \"Tokai Earthquake\"and the 1891 Nobi Earthquake (ERI) PDF[276KB]
4-9 Distribution of Microearthquakes in Tokai District (November 1,1979 - April 30,1980) (Nagoya Univ.) PDF[344KB]
4-10 Crustal Strain Observations at Mikawa (1974〜1979) (Nagoya Univ.) PDF[203KB]
4-11 Electro-Optical Distance Measurements in the Tokai Region (1977 - 1980) (Nagoya Univ.) PDF[283KB]
4-12 Crustal Strain and Tilt Observations at Inuyama (Nagoya Univ.) PDF[413KB]
5-1 Variations in Chemical Composition of Groundwater Related to the Eruption of Mt. Ontake (Tokyo Univ.) PDF[243KB]
5-2 Seismicity in the Eastern Chugoku, Northern Kinki and Hokuriku Districts, Southwest Japan (July, 1979〜December, 1979) (Kyoto Univ.) PDF[291KB]
5-3 Horizontal Strain in Hakusan District (GSI) PDF[718KB]
5-4 Ground Subsidence at the West Part of Kyoto City and the Possibility of Earthquake Occurrence (Kyoto Univ.) PDF[780KB]
5-5 Trenches across the Yamasaki Fault in Hyogo Prefecture (Aichi Pref. Univ., Kyoto Univ.) PDF[712KB]
5-6 Vertical Movements in Kii Peninsula (GSI) PDF[487KB]
5-7 Vertical Movements in Chubu and Kinki District (GSI) PDF[1.4MB]
5-8 Results of Resurvey at Shirahama Rhombus Base Lines in the Southwest Part of Kii Peninsula (GSI) PDF[315KB]
5-9 Horizontal Strain in the Eastern Chugoku District (GSI) PDF[2.8MB]
5-10 Vertical Movements in Shikoku District (GSI) PDF[361KB]
6-1 Traverse Survey of High Precision in the Northwestern Kyushu District (GSI) PDF[231KB]
6-2 Results of Resurvey at Miyazaki Rhombus Base Lines in and near Miyazaki City (GSI) PDF[279KB]
6-3 Vertical Movements in Okinawa Island (GSI) PDF[477KB]
6-4 The Earthquake Near Okinawajima, March 3,1980 (JMA) PDF[274KB]
7-1 Change of Annual Number of Felt Earthquakes at Edo (ERI) PDF[453KB]
7-2 Intensity Distribution of the Genroku Earthquake of Dec. 31,1703 (ERI) PDF[380KB]
7-3 List of Old Documents of Earthquakes Collected Recently (VII) (ERI) PDF[686KB]
7-4 Observation of Geomagnetic Total Intensity under the Project of Earthquake Prediction Research, 1973 - 1977 (Geomag. Res. Group) PDF[2.2MB]
7-5 Geomagnetic Total-Intensity Anomaly Distribution around Japan (HD) PDF[282KB]
7-6 Low-Frequency Earthquakes and Earthquake Prediction (ERI) PDF[538KB]
7-7 Precise Observation of Geomagnetic Secular Variation under the Project of Earthquake Prediction Research, January - March, 1980 (Geomag. Res. Group) PDF[306KB]
7-8 Relation between Distribution of Active Faults and Epicenters of Damaging Earthquakes on Land (ERI) PDF[406KB]
7-9 Revision of Horizontal Strain in and around Suruga Bay (GSI) PDF[229KB]
7-10 Effect of the Revision of Survey Data to the Coming Tokai Earthquake (Secretariat, CCEP) PDF[117KB]