Report of CCEP

Report Vol.50

1-1 Recent Seismic Activity in and around Hokkaido (December, 1992 - May, 1993) (Hokkaido Univ.) PDF[283KB]
1-2 The Kushiro-Oki Earthquake, 1993 (January 15, M7.8) (JMA) PDF[631KB]
1-3 On the 1993 Kushiro-oki Earthquake (I) -Aftershock sequene- (Hokkaodo Univ.) PDF[202KB]
1-4 Ground disaster caused by the Kushiro-Oki Earthquake, 1993 (GS) PDF[293KB]
1-5 Deep seismic activities preceding the 1993 Kushiro-oki Earthquake, the1952 Tokachi-oki Earthquake and the 1933 Sanriku-oki Earthquake (Kiyoo Mogi) PDF[330KB]
1-6 Crustal Movements in the Hokkaido District (GSI) PDF[440KB]
2-1 Microearthquake Activity in and around the Tohoku District (November, 1992 - April, 1993) (Tohoku Univ.) PDF[1.3MB]
2-2 Seismic Activity in the Region off Miyagi Prefecture (December 28,1992 - January 31,1993) (JMA) PDF[448KB]
2-3 Aftershock Distribution of the Earthquake (M6.9) Far off Sanriku, Julyl6,1992, Determined by Ocean Bottom Seismographic Observation (Tohoku Univ.) , (Tokyo Univ.) PDF[130KB]
2-4 Crustal Movements in the Tohoku District (GSI) PDF[358KB]
2-5 Continuous Observations of Crustal Movements at the Esashi Earth Tides Station (NAOM) PDF[261KB]
2-6 Continuous Observation of Crustal Deformation in Tohoku District-Tilt Change for the period from April, 1984 to January, 1993 (Tohoku Univ.) PDF[266KB]
2-7 Continuous Observation of Crustal Deformation in Tohoku District-Strain Changes for the period from April, 1984 to January, 1993- (Tohoku Univ.) PDF[562KB]
3-1 Recent Seismic Activities in the Kanto-Tokai Area (November, 1992 - April, 1993) (NIED) PDF[253KB]
3-2 Seismic Activities in the Kanto-Koshinetsu District (November, 1992 - April, 1993) (ERI) PDF[743KB]
3-3 On the Seismic Quiescence (M≧4.0) in the Southern Kanto District (January - May, 1993) (JMA) PDF[244KB]
3-4 Seismic Activity in the Northern Part of Nagano Prefecture and the Observation of Crustal Movement at Matsushiro (November 1,1992 - April 30,1993) (JMA) PDF[297KB]
3-5 Seismic Activity in the southern part of Niigata prefecture (near Tsunan-machi) (JMA) PDF[271KB]
3-6 The 1993 seismic activity in the south-eastern foot of Mt. Ontake (Nagoya Univ.) PDF[415KB]
3-7 Prediction of M5.1 earthquake at Western Nagano Prefecture (Nagoya Univ.) PDF[304KB]
3-8 On the Earthquake in the western part of Nagano prefecture (April 23,1993-M5.1) (JMA) PDF[325KB]
3-9 Initial phase of the 1993 Western Nagano Prefecture Earthquake (M5.1) -Seismograms from the borehole which reaches an earthquake fault- (NIED) , (GS) , (Tohoku Univ.) , (DPRI) PDF[130KB]
3-10 On the Earthquake (M4.5) in the Northern Part of Chiba Prefecture, December 9,1992 and Recent Seismic Activity (NIED) PDF[626KB]
3-11 On the Earthquake off Ibaraki prefecture (March 19,1993-M5.7) (JMA) PDF[269KB]
3-12 Crustal Movements in the Kanto District (GSI) PDF[1MB]
3-13 GPS Observations around Sagami Bay (April, 1990 - May, 1993) (HD) PDF[292KB]
3-14 Stationary GPS Observation in the Extended Metropolitan Area of Tokyo, , Japan (No, 3) (ERI) PDF[294KB]
3-15 Recent Results of Continuous Crustal Tilt Observation in the Kanto-Tokai Area (November, 1992 - April, 1993) (NIED) PDF[554KB]
3-16 Results of Continuous Observation by IBOSes in the Western Part of Kanagawa-ken (NIED) PDF[549KB]
3-17 Contimous observation of crustal deformation at Aburatsubo (1978 - 1992) (ERI) PDF[224KB]
3-18 Change in srain and tilt observed before and after the 1992 Uraga channel Earthquake (ERI) PDF[192KB]
3-19 Multichannel Sonic Prospecting of Concealed Active Faults in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area (GS) PDF[792KB]
3-20 Seismic Prospecting of the Ayasegawa Fault in Saitama Prefecture (GS) PDF[465KB]
4-1 Seismic Activity in and around the Izu Peninsula (November, 1992 - May, 1993) (JMA) PDF[787KB]
4-2 Seismic Activities in the Izu Peninsula and its Vicinity (November 25,1992 - February 8,1993) (ERI) PDF[449KB]
4-3 Seismic Activities in the Izu Peninsula and its Vicinity (February 2 - May 7,1993) (ERI) PDF[306KB]
4-4 Seismic Activity in and around the Niijima and Kozushima Islands (January - March, 1993) (JMA) PDF[218KB]
4-5 Seismic Activities in the Zenisu Ridge Area in relation to Regional Seismicity (ERI) PDF[299KB]
4-6 Earthquake swarm activity at east off Izu Peninsula in Jan., 1993 (NIED) PDF[252KB]
4-7 Characteristic Features of the Seismic Swarm off theEast Coast of Izu Peninsula, January 1993 (ERI) PDF[285KB]
4-8 Crustal Movements in the Izu Peninsula and its Vicinity (GSI) PDF[395KB]
4-9 Vertical movements in Izu-Oshima (GSI) PDF[179KB]
4-10 Continuous Tilt Observation by Water-tube Tiltmeter at Ajiro andUchiura in the lzu Peninsula (1992) (ERI) PDF[140KB]
4-11 Gravity Change in the lzu Peninsula (ERI) PDF[78KB]
4-12 Fluctuations of Discharge Rate, Electric Conductivity and Water Temperature of the Akazawa Hot Spring Wells 潤・ and 潤・ in Ito City, Izu Peninsula (-May 1993) (GS) PDF[183KB]
4-13 Variations of hot spring temperature in Izu beforc and after the Kawanazaki earthquake of 10 January l993 (DPRI) , (GS) , (Shizuoka Pref.) PDF[145KB]
5-1 Seismic Activity in the Tokai and Southern Kanto Districts (November, 1992 - April, 1993) (JMA) PDF[663KB]
5-2 On the Change of Seismic Activity in the Tokai District (May, 1988 - May, 1993) (JMA) PDF[238KB]
5-3 Distribution of Microearthquakes in Tokai District (Nov. 1,1992 - Apr. 30,1993) (Nagoya Univ.) PDF[121KB]
5-4 Crustal Movements in the Tokai District (GSI) PDF[828KB]
5-5 GPS Observation of Crustal Movement in the Tokai Region and Hachijo-island (1989 - 1992) (Nagoya Univ.) , (Shizuoka Univ.) , (Gifu Univ.) PDF[245KB]
5-6 Automatic EDM Observation on the Fujikawa Fault related to the Tokai Earthquake (ERI) PDF[313KB]
5-7 Temporal Change in Accumulation Trend of Crustal Movements (Suruga Bay Area) (Waseda Univ.) PDF[282KB]
5-8 Observations of the Crustal Tilts at Sagara and Kamisaka Stationsin Shizuoka Prefecture (Xl) (Shizuoka Univ.) , (Shizuka Pref.) PDF[218KB]
5-9 Observation of Crustal-Strains by Borehole Starainmeters in the Tokai and Southern Kanto Districts (November, 1992 - April, 1993) (JMA) PDF[444KB]
5-10 The Variation of the Groundwater Level and Discharge Rate Observed by Telemetering System in the Eastern Tokai District and Izu Peninsula, Central Japan (1992) (11) (GS) PDF[150KB]
5-11 The Variation of the Radon Concentration and Conductivity in Groundwater Observed by the Telemetering System in the Eastern Tokai District and Izu Peninsula, Central Japan (1992) (11) (GS) PDF[134KB]
6-1 Recent Seismic Activity in the Northern part of Chubu District of Japan (January - March, 1993) (DPRI) PDF[251KB]
6-2 Seismic Activity in the Inner Zone of Southwest Japan (July - December, 1992) (DPRI) PDF[266KB]
6-3 Seismic Activity south east off the Kii peninsula (February - March, 1993) (JMA) PDF[224KB]
6-4 Earthquake Activity in and around the Kii Peninsula (July, 1991 - May, 1993) (ERI) PDF[1.3MB]
6-5 Simulation of ground motions from the l946 Nankai Earthquake using OSSAN data (DPRI) PDF[458KB]
6-6 Recent Seismicity near the Tottori - Shimane Prefecture Border (DPRI) PDF[300KB]
6-7 Seismic Activity in the Middle and the Northern Kyushu District (November, 1992 - April, 1993) (Kyushu Univ.) PDF[272KB]
6-8 Recent Seismic Activity in and around Kyushu District (November, 1992 - April, 1993) (JMA) PDF[492KB]
6-9 Seismic Activity in and around the Okinawa District (November, 1992 - April, 1993) (JMA) PDF[550KB]
6-10 On the Earthquake in the central part of Aichi prefecture (January 11,1993-M4.8) (JMA) PDF[256KB]
6-11 On the Earthquake off the Noto Peninsula (February 7,1993-M6.6 (JMA) PDF[408KB]
6-12 The 1993 Notohanto-oki Earthquake (DPRI) PDF[488KB]
6-13 On Anomalous Subsurface Vertical Electric Field Changes Preceding the February 7,1993 Earthquake (M6.6, depth 30Km) off the Noto Peninsula, north of central Japan (NIED) PDF[462KB]
6-14 Anomalous changes in the geomagnetsic total force in relation to 1993 0ff Noto peninsula Earthquake (DPRI) PDF[233KB]
6-15 On the Earthquake (M4.8) beneath the border of Aichi and Gifuprefectures, January 11,1993 (NIED) PDF[216KB]
6-16 Groundwater and Electric Conductivity Changes Before and After an Local Earthquake Occurred in the Middle Part of Wakayama Prefecture at 18:37 0n Jan. 18,1993 (DPRI) PDF[172KB]
6-17 Evident reflector beneath the Earthquake swarm area in Kinki District (DPRI) PDF[284KB]
6-18 Relation of stress - drop and depth of microearthquakes in the central portion of the Kinki District (DPRI) PDF[168KB]
6-19 Results of Measurements at the Yasutomi-Usuzuku Baselinne Net across the Yamasaki Fault (1975-1992) (Kyoto Univ.) PDF[258KB]
6-20 GPS Observation of Uji-Shionomisaki Baseline (1991 - 1993) (DPRI) PDF[93KB]
6-21 Water Vapor Radiometer Observations and Correction of Wet Path Delay in Results from GPS Measurements of Uji1 - Shionomisaki Baseline. (DPRI) PDF[543KB]
6-22 Vertical Movements in the Chubu District (GSI) PDF[350KB]
6-23 Crustal Movements in the Kinki District (GSI) PDF[262KB]
6-24 Crustal Movements in the Chugoku and Shikoku Districts (GSI) PDF[296KB]
6-25 Crustal Movements in the Kyushu District (GSI) PDF[270KB]
6-26 Crustal Movements in the Iriomotejima Island (GSI) PDF[207KB]
6-27 Crustal Strain and Tilt Observations at Inuyama (1967 - 1992) (Nagoya Univ.) PDF[577KB]
6-28 Results from Monitoring Chains of Crustal Activities in Kinki District (Tentative Values) (August, 1992 - April, 1993) (DPRI) PDF[304KB]
6-29 Earth Strain and Potential Changes at Horyu Before and After the M6.6 Notohanto-oki Earthquake on Feb. 7,1993 (DPRI) PDF[344KB]
6-30 Observation of the Geomagnetic Total Intensity in the Afea of the Earthquake Swarm in Iriomote Island (DPRI) PDF[194KB]
6-31 Observations of Groundwater Level at Osakayama (DPRI) PDF[353KB]
6-32 Remeasurements of 3 Dimensional Crustal Stress and Stress Changes at Hirakl Mine in Hyogo Prefecture (Crustal Stress, Group) PDF[358KB]
6-33 Detailed Topography of the Nankai Trough (HD) PDF[429KB]
7-1 Observation using a New Portable Tiltmeter (ERI-93 type) equipped with Pararell Plate Springs (ERI) , (Nagoya Univ.) PDF[239KB]
7-2 Pecise Observation of Geomagnetic Secular Variation (January, 1977 - March, 1993) (GRG) , (JMA) PDF[324KB]