Report of CCEP

Report Vol.74

1-1 Seismic Activity in and around Japan (November 2004 - April 2005) (JMA) PDF[207KB]
1-2 Crustal Deformations of Entire Japan (GSI) PDF[14MB]
1-3 GPS observations by Japan Coast Guard (JHOD) PDF[1.1MB]
2-1 Seismic Activity in and around the Hokkaido District (November 2004 - April2005) (JMA) PDF[1.9MB]
2-2 Crustal Movements in the Hokkaido District (GSI) PDF[4MB]
2-3 Sketch of Kushiro-Oki Earthquake on November 29,2004 (JMA) PDF[1.7MB]
2-4 Earthquake of off-Kushiro on November 29,2004 and its aftershock activity (NIED) PDF[1.9MB]
2-5 Hi-net tiltmeter records before and after the off Kushiro earthquake onNovember 29,2004 (NIED) PDF[349KB]
2-6 Anomalies in the aftershock sequences of the 2003 Tokachi-Oki earthquake of M8.0 and the 2004 Kushiro-Oki earthquake of M7.1 and seismicity changes in the eastern Hokkaido inland (ISM) PDF[2.6MB]
2-7 Seismic activity in the southern part of Rumoi region (NIED) PDF[496KB]
2-8 Aftershock activity of the Rumoi-nanbu Earthquake (MJMA6.1) of 2004 inthe northern part of Hokkaido (Hokkaido Univ.) PDF[241KB]
3-1 Seismic Activity in and around the Tohoku District (November 2004 - April 2005) (JMA) PDF[1.1MB]
3-2 Radon Observation in the Eastern Part of Fukushima Prefecture (XXII) (TokyoUniv.) PDF[174KB]
4-1 Seismic Activity in and around the Kanto and Chubu Districts (November2004 - April 2005) (JMA) PDF[3.7MB]
4-2 Crustal Movements in the Kanto District (GSI) PDF[10MB]
4-3 Recent Seismic Activities in the Kanto-Tokai Area (Nov, 2004 - April, 2005) (NIED) PDF[4MB]
4-4 Seismic activity around Nikkou-Ashio area (November, 2004 - April, 2005) (ERI) PDF[1.6MB]
4-5 Seismic activity in and around the source region of the earthquake off the southeast coast of the Boso Peninsula on Jan. 19,2005 (NIED) PDF[1.5MB]
4-6 Tsunami by the earthquake occurred south-east off Boso Peninsula (JHOD) PDF[316KB]
4-7 Recent Results of Continuous Crustal Tilt Observation in the Kanto-TokaiArea (November, 2004 - April, 2005) (NIED) PDF[388KB]
5-1 Crustal Movements in the Izu penimsula and its Visinity (GSI) PDF[6.3MB]
5-2 Observation of Crustal Movements around Izu Peninsula and Tokai Area byGSI and NIED GPS Networks (August 2003 - March 2005) (NIED) PDF[2.1MB]
5-3 Radon Observation in the Izu Peninsula (XXII) (Tokyo Univ.) PDF[140KB]
6-1 Seismic activity in and around the Tokai area (November 2004 - April 2005) (JMA) PDF[1.7MB]
6-2 Crustal Movements in the Tokai District (GSI) PDF[30.4MB]
6-3 Continuous Observaion of Crustal Strains in the Tokai District. (Nagoya Univ.) PDF[393KB]
6-4 Observation of Crustal Strains by the Borehole Strainmeters in the Tokaiand Southern Kanto Districts (November 2004 - April 2005) (JMA) PDF[541KB]
6-5 Seismicity pattern change in and around the Tokai inferred locked zone (NIED) PDF[384KB]
6-6 Recent movement change of the slow slip in the Tokai area detected by continuous tilt observation (NIED) PDF[156KB]
6-7 The variation of the groundwater level, discharge rate, tilt, strain, andsubsidence in the Tokai, Kanto Districts and Izu Peninsula, Central Japan. (fromNov. 2004 to Apr. 2005) (31) (AIST) PDF[2.9MB]
6-8 Radon Observation in the Tokai district (XXII) (Tokyo Univ.) PDF[141KB]
6-9 Crustal Movement Observation in the Fuji River and the Suruga Bay Area (Part 29) (ERI) PDF[499KB]
7-1 Crustal Movements in the Hokuriku Districts (GSI) PDF[7.6MB]
7-2 Crustal Heterogeneity in the Source Region of the 2004 Mid Niigata PrefectureEarthquake (Kyoto Univ.) PDF[569KB]
7-3 Crustal movement observed at Matsushiro (November 2004 - April 2005) (JMA) PDF[481KB]
7-4 Recent Seismic Activity in the Atotasugawa Fault Area including HakusanVolcano, Central Honshu、Japan (Kyoto Univ.) PDF[2.9MB]
7-5 Observation of Tectonic Activities around the Active Faults in EasternGifu Region (November, 2004 - April, 2005) (AIST) PDF[557KB]
8-1 Seismic Activity in and around the Kinki, Chugoku and Shikoku Districts (November 2004 - April 2005) (JMA) PDF[685KB]
8-2 Crustal Movements in the Chubu and Kinki Districts (GSI) PDF[3.7MB]
8-3 The Recent Seismic Quiecence in the Tamba Plateau, Northern Kinki District (KyotoUniv.) PDF[462KB]
8-4 Seismicity change in the Tamba area and the Hyogoken-Nambu earthquake (NIED) PDF[254KB]
8-5 Urgent aftershock observation of the 2004 off the Kii Peninsula Earthquakeby using ocean bottom seismometers. (ERI) PDF[1.5MB]
8-6 Continuous Observations of Crustal Deformations at Observation Networksin Central Kinki and Southeast Kyusyu District. (Kyoto Univ.) PDF[340KB]
8-7 Continuous Observations of Crustal Deformations in and around Intraplate Seismic Gaps (MRI) PDF[576KB]
8-8 Observation of the Tectonic Activities in the Arima-Takatsuki-Rokko FaultZone (November, 2004 - April, 2005) (AIST) PDF[468KB]
8-9 Temporal Variation in the Groundwater Level and Crustal Strain in the Kinki District, Japan (November 2004 - April 2005) (AIST) PDF[1.3MB]
9-1 Crustal Movements in the Chugoku, Shikoku and Kyushu Districts (GSI) PDF[12.4MB]
9-2 Short-term slow slip events with deep low-frequency tremors (Nov. and Dec., 2004) (NIED) PDF[759KB]
9-3 Recent activity of deep low-frequency tremors (Nov. and Dec., 2004) (NIED) PDF[1.4MB]
9-4 Temporal Variation in the hot spring water and groundwater in the TottoriPrefecture, Okayama Prefecture and Shimane Prefecture, Japan (November2004 - April 2005) (Tottori Univ., Kyouto Univ., AIST) PDF[2.6MB]
10-1 Seismic Activity in and around Kyushu District (November 2004 - April 2005) (JMA) PDF[1.3MB]
10-2 An outline of the earthquake occurred west off Fukuoka prefecture on March 20,2005 (JMA) PDF[1MB]
10-3 Coulomb failure stress change for Kego fault caused by the earthquake (M7.0) that occurred on March 20,2005 west off Fukuoka prefecture (MRI) PDF[844KB]
10-4 Source process of the 2005 West off Fukuoka earthquake (MRI) PDF[586KB]
10-5 Spatial distribution of F-net Moment Tensor solutions for the 2005 West Off Fukuoka Earthquake. (NIED) PDF[213KB]
10-6 Source Process of the 2005 West off Fukuoka Prefecture Earthquake (M7.0) Derived from Near-fault Strong Motion Data (NIED) PDF[652KB]
10-7 Seismic Activity at the northwestern off Fukuoka Prefecture (NIED) PDF[2.4MB]
10-8 Hi-net tiltmeter records prior to the west off Fukuoka prefecture earthquake on March 20,2005 (NIED) PDF[456KB]
10-9 Slip distribution of the west off Fukuoka earthquake estimated from crustaldeformation observed by GPS and InSAR (GSI) PDF[870KB]
10-10 Seismic profiles around the hypocentral region of the earthquake Off-shoreWest of Fukuoka prefecture (JHOD) PDF[1.3MB]
10-11 Preliminary report of sea-floor surveys around the hypocentral region of the earthquake west off Fukuoka prefecture (Bathymetric survey and Seismic reflection survey) (JHOD) PDF[1.5MB]
10-12 Outline of geological structure around a hypocentral region of the 2005West off Fukuoka Earthquake (AIST) PDF[2.1MB]
10-13 Gravity field around the source region of the 2005 west off Fukuoka earthquake (AIST) PDF[1.9MB]
10-14 Seismic profiles acquired in 1985 by Geological Survey of Japan, in aftershockarea of 2005 Fukuoka earthquake (AIST) PDF[1.7MB]
10-15 Source Process of the 2005 Fukuoka-ken Seiho-oki Earthquake (AIST) PDF[276KB]
10-16 Spatial forecasting of aftershocks calculating static stress changes causedby the 2005 Fukuoka-ken Seiho-oki earthquake (AIST) PDF[887KB]
10-17 Focal mechanism solutions of microearthquakes and stress field in and around Hakata bay (AIST) PDF[900KB]
10-18 Seismicity changes in and around Kyushu District before the 2005 earthquakeof M7.0 in the western offshore of Fukuoka Prefecture (ISM) PDF[3.1MB]
10-19 Relative quiescence reported before the occurrence of the largest aftershock (M5.8) in the aftershocks of the 2005 earthquake of M7.0 at the westernFukuoka, Kyushu, and possible scenarios of precursory slips consideredfor the stress-shadow covering the aftershock area (ISM) PDF[7.2MB]
10-20 Seismic Activity in the Southern Kyushu District (November, 2004 - April, 2005) (Kagoshima Univ.) PDF[3.4MB]
10-21 Seismic Activity West off Kagoshima Prefecture (NIED) PDF[1.7MB]
10-22 Seismic Activity in and around Okinawa District (November 2004 - April 2005) (JMA) PDF[720KB]
11-1 Crustal movement in other regions (GSI) PDF[734KB]
11-2 The Results of VLBI observation for Geodesy (GSI) PDF[415KB]
11-3 Information about seismological research obtained from strain observationin deep borehole (ARIER, Nagoya Univ.) PDF[1.8MB]
11-4 Construction of New Observation Station for Multi-component Observation in the 1030m Depth Borehole -Jorinji Station (JRJ) of Tono Research Institute of Earthquake Science- (ARIER, Nagoya Univ., ERI) PDF[918KB]
11-5 An outline of earthquakes occurred west off Sumatra Island on Dec. 26,2004and around Sumatra Island on Mar. 29,2005 (JMA) PDF[569KB]
11-6 A magnitude estimation using borehole volume strainmeters for earthquakeevents near the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia (JMA) PDF[420KB]
11-7 Seismic waves of the 2004 off-Smatra earthquake detected by GEONET (GSI) PDF[305KB]
11-8 Coastal changes due to uplift and submergence caused by 2004 Indian OceanEarthquake (GSI) PDF[1.6MB]
11-9 Coastline changes due to uplift and submergence caused by 2005 Nias, SumatraEarthquakeDistricts before and after the Offshore Southeast of the KiiPeninsula Earthquakes (GSI) PDF[1.1MB]
11-10 Tsunamis by earthquakes occurred off Sumatra Island and in the neighborhood of Sumatra Island. (JHOD) PDF[175KB]
11-11 Sumatra Earthquake Observed by Deep Borehole Strain Observation (ARIER, NagoyaUniv.) PDF[902KB]
11-12 Simulation of seismic waves generated by Sumatra earthquakes (JAMSTEC) PDF[464KB]
11-13 Groundwater level changes associated with the seismic waves of 2004 off the west coast of northern Sumatra Earthquake (M9.0) and 2005 northern Sumatra Earthquake (M8.5) (AIST) PDF[729KB]
11-14 Vertical crustal deformation just before the 1946 Nankai earthquake deducedfrom tide gauge records (MRI) PDF[142KB]
11-15 Re-discussion of pre-slip at the 1944 Tonankai Earthquake based on preciseleveling (Nagoya Univ.) PDF[262KB]
11-16 Groundwater changes at Yunomine hot spring in Wakayama Prefecture associated with the 1944 Tonankai earthquake and 1946 Nankai earthquake (AIST, Wakayama Pref.) PDF[1.7MB]
11-17 On the decrease in the well water prior to the Nankai earthquake (KyotoUniv.) PDF[654KB]