Report of CCEP

Report Vol.111

1-1 Seismic Activity in and around Japan (May – October 2023) (JMA) PDF[727KB]
1-2 Activity of Shallow Very-low-frequency Earthquakes in and around Japan (May – October, 2023)(NIED) PDF[1.0MB]
1-3 Crustal Deformations of Entire Japan(GSI) PDF[22.9MB]
1-4 Position Change in the plate subduction direction of the nationwide GNSS points(MRI) PDF[787KB]
2-1 Seismic Activity in and around the Hokkaido District (May – October 2023)(JMA) PDF[5.5MB]
2-2 Crustal Deformations in the Hokkaido District(GSI) PDF[2.0MB]
3-1 Seismic Activity in and around the Tohoku District (May – October 2023)(JMA) PDF[10.3MB]
3-2 Crustal Deformations in the Tohoku District(GSI) PDF[4.2MB]
3-3 Seafloor movements along the Japan Trench observed by seafloor geodetic observations(JCG) PDF[529KB]
3-4 Experimental forecast of postseismic deformation of the 2011 Tohoku-oki earthquake(GSI) PDF[698KB]
3-5 Seismic activity around the Sanriku-oki earthquake (MJMA 6.0) on Aug. 25, 2023(NIED) PDF[476KB]
4-1 Seismic Activity in and around the Kanto and Chubu Districts (May – October 2023)(JMA) PDF[23.4MB]
4-2 Crustal Deformations in the Kanto District(GSI) PDF[2.6MB]
4-3 Temporal Variation in the Groundwater Level in the western part of Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan (May 2023 – October 2023)(HSRI, AIST) PDF[746KB]
4-4 Observed F-net seismograms of earthquakes in the near Torishima region on October 9, 2023(NIED) PDF[677KB]
5-1 Crustal Deformations in the Tokai District(GSI) PDF[4.4MB]
5-2 Observation of Crustal Strain by Borehole Strainmeters in the Tokai and Southern Kanto Districts (May – October 2023)(JMA, MRI) PDF[4.3MB]
5-3 Short-term slow slip events in the Tokai area, the Kii Peninsula and the Shikoku District, Japan (from May 2023 to October 2023)(AIST, NIED) PDF[10.4MB]
5-4 The Variation of the Groundwater Level and Subsidence in the Tokai, Kanto District and Izu Peninsula, Japan. (from May 2023 to Oct. 2023) (68)(AIST) PDF[921KB]
6-1 Observation of Tectonic Activities in Eastern Gifu and Western Nagano Regions (May, 2023〜October, 2023)(AIST) PDF[639KB]
6-2 Estimation of actual activity rate changes from earthquake catalogs with systematic missing measurements: Aftershock activity of the M6.5 Noto Peninsula Earthquake.(ISM) PDF[1.2MB]
6-3 Crustal Deformations in the Hokuriku and Chubu Districts(GSI) PDF[2.3MB]
7-1 Seismic Activity in and around the Kinki, Chugoku and Shikoku Districts (May – October 2023)(JMA) PDF[1.7MB]
7-2 Crustal Deformations in the Kinki District(GSI) PDF[5.5MB]
7-3 Crustal Activity around the Nankai Trough (May - October 2023)(JMA) PDF[19.2MB]
7-4 Shallow tectonic tremor activity in the Nankai trough, southwest Japan (August, 2023–October, 2023)(NIED) PDF[563KB]
7-5 Seafloor movements along the Nankai Trough observed by seafloor geodetic observations(JCG) PDF[764KB]
7-6 Objective detection of long-term slow slip events along the Nankai Trough(MRI) PDF[793KB]
7-7 Recent Continuous Crustal Tilt Observation around the Nankai Trough (May 2023– October 2023)(NIED) PDF[2.9MB]
7-8 Continuous Observations of Crustal Deformations in and around Intraplate Seismic Gaps(MRI) PDF[957KB]
7-9 The variation of the strain, tilt and groundwater level in the Shikoku District and Kii Peninsula, Japan (from May 2023 to October 2023)(AIST) PDF[4.2MB]
7-10 Observational Results of Groundwater Levels and Crustal Strains in the Kinki District, Japan (May 2023 – October 2023)(AIST) PDF[911KB]
8-1 Activity of deep low-frequency tremor in southwest Japan (May, 2023 – October, 2023)(NIED) PDF[2.0MB]
8-2 Crustal Deformations in the Chugoku and Shikoku Districts(GSI) PDF[3.6MB]
8-3 Short-term slow slip events with non-volcanic tremor in southwest Japan (May 2023-October 2023) (NIED) PDF[1.0MB]
8-4 Temporal Variation in the hot spring water in the Tottori Prefecture, Japan (May 2023 – October 2023)(Tottori Univ., AIST) PDF[788KB]
9-1 Seismic Activity in and around the Kyushu District (May - October 2023)(JMA) PDF[4.5MB]
9-2 Seismic Activity around the Okinawa District (May - October 2023)(JMA) PDF[2.5MB]
9-3 Crustal Deformations in the Kyushu and Okinawa Districts(GSI) PDF[2.4MB]
10-1 Seismic Activity in Other Regions around Japan (May – October 2023) (JMA) PDF[862KB]
10-2 Seismic Activity in the World (May – October 2023) (JMA) PDF[2.5MB]
10-3 The 2023 Morocco Earthquake: Crustal deformation detected by ALOS-2 data.(GSI) PDF[768KB]
10-4 Analysis of seismic activity in near the Tokara Islands and the Torishima Island taking missing rates of earthquakes into account.(ISM) PDF[2.1MB]
10-5 Earthquake forecasting method by supposing swarm-like activity to be possible foreshocks (7): its performance for recent seismicity data(MRI) PDF[1.5MB]
11-1 Centennial of Kanto earthquake(ERI) PDF[295KB]
11-2 The tectonic plate structure and seismicity beneath the Kanto region(Univ. of Tokyo) PDF[405KB]
11-3 Crustal deformation at and after the 1923 Kanto earthquake based on geodetic measurements - Coseismic slip, interplate coupling, and slow slip events –(Kyoto Univ.) PDF[749KB]
11-4 The 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake Disaster and its strong ground motions in the southern Kanto district (J-POWER Design Co., Ltd.) PDF[1.3MB]
11-5 Source process of the 1923 Kanto earthquake using tsunami data(Hokkaido Univ.) PDF[257KB]
11-6 Reevaluation of the History of the Kanto Earthquake(AIST) PDF[2.3MB]
11-7 Trials of experimental forecasts of crustal deformation and seismicity #9: Validation of intermediate-term seismicity forecasts(JAMSTEC,Tohoku Univ.) PDF[343KB]
11-8 Current status of the Relative Quiescence of the seismicity off the east coast of Hokkaido: a decade after its significance was revealed(ADEP) PDF[2.2MB]
11-9 Earthquake forecast experiment based on the seismic quiescence hypothesis(Hokkaido Univ.) PDF[440KB]
11-10 Spatial and temporal changes in the Gutenberg-Richter size-frequency distribution (b value) of earthquakes off the coast of Hokkaido and Tohoku districts(Univ. Shizuoka) PDF[1.0MB]
11-11 The activity of repeating earthquakes along the Japan trench and its characteristics of repetition(ERI) PDF[622KB]
11-12 Interpretation of the course of the Noto Peninsula earthquake swarm and some anomalous activities before and after major earthquakes(ISM) PDF[3.4MB]
The Vol.110 has missing pages
10-5 Probability of moderate repeating earthquakes within one and three years from 1 January 2023(MRI) PDF[911KB]
10-6 Experiments in Prediction of Crustal Activity (1) — Short-term Probability Prediction and Evaluation of Inland Earthquakes(ISM) PDF[1.1MB]