Report of CCEP

Report Vol.76

1-1 Seismic Activity in and around Japan (November 2005 - April 2006) (JMA) PDF[651KB]
1-2 Crustal Deformations of Entire Japan (GSI) PDF[11.9MB]
1-3 GPS observations by Japan Coast Guard (JHOD) PDF[3.7MB]
2-1 Seismic Activity in and around the Hokkaido District (November 2005 - April 2006) (JMA) PDF[1.5MB]
2-2 Repeating earthquake activity at southeastern off Hokkaido, Japan, from January 1994 to March 2006 (NIED) PDF[3.1MB]
2-3 Crustal Movements in the Hokkaido District (GSI) PDF[11.8MB]
3-1 Seismic Activity in and around the Tohoku District (November 2005 - April 2006) (JMA) PDF[1.8MB]
3-2 Source process of the earthquake off Miyagi prefecture on December 2,2005 (JMA) PDF[2.5MB]
3-3 Tidal triggering of earthquakes in the Off Miyagi region (NIED) PDF[1.8MB]
3-4 Current Seismicity Pattern Change around Off Miyagi Prefecture (NIED) PDF[467KB]
3-5 Crustal Movements in the Tohoku District (GSI) PDF[10.2MB]
4-1 Seismic Activity in and around the Kanto and Chubu Districts (November 2005 - April 2005 ) (JMA) PDF[2.9MB]
4-2 Recent Seismic Activities in the Kanto-Tokai Area (November, 2005 - April, 2006) (NIED) PDF[3MB]
4-3 Evaliation of Earthquake Occurrence Rate in the Kanto District (NIED) PDF[908KB]
4-4 Seismic activity around the Nikkou-Ashio area (November, 2005〜April, 2006) (ERI) PDF[2.2MB]
4-5 Crustal Movements in the Kanto District (GSI) PDF[1.1MB]
4-6 Crustal Movement Observation in the Fuji River and the Suruga Bay Area (Part30) (ERI) PDF[776KB]
4-7 Recent Results of Continuous Crustal Tilt Observation in the Kanto - Tokai Area (November, 2005 - April, 2006) (NIED) PDF[2.2MB]
5-1 An outline of the Seismic Activity East Off te Izu Peninsula (2006) (JMA) PDF[4.7MB]
5-2 Seismic activities east off Izu Peninsula (NIED) PDF[2MB]
5-3 Seismic activities off the east coast of the Izu peninsula in 2006 (ERI) PDF[5.7MB]
5-4 2Spatial distribution of F-net Moment Tensor solutions for the Seismic Swarms off the East Coast of Izu Peninsula. (April, 2006) (NIED) PDF[536KB]
5-5 Crustal Movements in the Izu penimsula and its Visinity (GSI) PDF[15MB]
5-6 Observation of Crustal Movements around Izu Peninsula and Tokai Area by GSI and NIED GPS Networks (August 2004 - May 2006) (NIED) PDF[6.5MB]
5-7 Crustal Movements associated with the Repeatedly Occurred Seimo-Volcanic Activities in and around Ito City in January to April. 2006, derived from tiltmeter and 3-component strainmeter observation (NIED) PDF[1.4MB]
5-8 Temporal Variation in the Groundwater Level in the western part of Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan (November 2005 - April 2006) (HSRI, AIST) PDF[1.3MB]
5-9 Groundwater changes in Ito city related to earthquake swarms off the east coast of Izu Peninsula in 2006 (AIST, Shizuoka. P) PDF[3.7MB]
5-10 Magma system monitoring by the crustal deformation observation data in Eastern Izu peninsula volcanoes (GSI) PDF[5.7MB]
6-1 Seismic activity in and around the Tokai area (November 2005 - April 2005) (JMA) PDF[4MB]
6-2 Crustal Movements in the Tokai District (GSI) PDF[75MB]
6-3 Observation of Crustal Strains by the Borehole Strainmeters in the Tokai and Southern Kanto Districts (November 2005 - April 2006) (JMA) PDF[6MB]
6-4 Short-term Slow Slip Events in Tokai Region Detected by the Strainmeters (January 2006) (JMA) PDF[783KB]
6-5 Continuous episodes of deep low-frequency tremors and short-term slow slip event in Tokai district at January, 2006 (NIED) PDF[4.4MB]
6-6 The Variation of the Groundwater Level, Discharge Rate, Tilt meter, Three Components Strain, and Subsidence in the Tokai, Kanto District and Izu Peninsula, Central Japan. (from Now. 2005 to Apr. 2006) (33) (AIST) PDF[2.3MB]
7-1 Crustal Movements in the Hokuriku and Chubu Districts (GSI) PDF[12.1MB]
7-2 Movements of Low-Frequency Events around Moho (From Nagano Pref. to the Kii Peninsula) (JMA) PDF[1.4MB]
7-3 Crustal movement observed at Matsushiro (November 2005 - April 2006) (JMA) PDF[843KB]
7-4 Loe-frequency earthquakes in Aichi Prefecture and groundwater level and crustal strain changes at TYH and TYH stations of AISTon January 2006 (AIST) PDF[572KB]
7-5 Observation of Tectonic Activities around the Active Faults in Eastern Gifu Region (November, 2005 - April, 2006) (AIST) PDF[1.3MB]
7-6 Submarine tectonic landform at Enshu Nada (off Atsumi Peninsula) (JHOD) PDF[3MB]
8-1 Seismic Activity in and around the Kinki, Chugoku and Shikoku Districts (November 2005 - April 2005) (JMA) PDF[1.1MB]
8-2 Crustal Movements in the Kinki and Shikoku Districts (GSI) PDF[8.9MB]
8-3 The Recent Seismic Quiecence in the Tamba Plateau, Northern Kinki District (3) (Kyoto Univ.) PDF[1MB]
8-4 Seismic Activity in Yamasaki Fault Area, Activation in 2005 (Kyoto Univ) PDF[2.4MB]
8-5 Continuous Observations of Crustal Deformations in and around Intraplate Seismic Gaps (JMA) PDF[500KB]
8-6 Continuous Observations of Crustal Deformations at Observation Networks in Central Kinki and Southeast Kyusyu District (Kyoto Univ.) PDF[2.4MB]
8-7 Crustal Activities in Northern Kinki District - Strain rate change in the Continuous Observations of Crustal Deformations- (Kyoto Univ.) PDF[919KB]
8-8 Crustal Activities in Northern Kinki District - Strain rate change in the GEONET baseline lengths- (Kyoto Univ.) PDF[552KB]
8-9 Temporal Variation in the Groundwater Level and Crustal Strain in the Kinki District, Japan (November 2005 - April 2006) (AIST) PDF[1.1MB]
8-10 Observation of the Tectonic Activities in the Arima-Takatsuki-Rokko Fault Zone (November, 2005 - April, 2006) (AIST) PDF[1.8MB]
8-11 The Variation of the Groundwater Level in southern Kii Peninsula and Shikoku (February 2006 - April 2006) (AIST) PDF[1.3MB]
9-1 Activity of deep low-frequency tremors in the western part of Shikoku (April, 2006) (NIED) PDF[1.7MB]
9-2 A short-term slow slip event with deep low-frequency tremors at western part of Shikoku (April, 2006) (NIED) PDF[1.3MB]
9-3 Temporal Variation in the hot spring water and groundwater in the Tottori Prefecture, Okayama Prefecture and Shimane Prefecture, Japan (November 2005 - April 2006) (Tottori Univ., Kyoto Univ., AIST) PDF[883KB]
10-1 Seismic Activity in and around Kyushu District (November, 2005 - April, 2006) (JMA) PDF[2.1MB]
10-2 Seismic Activity in and around Okinawa District (November, 2005 - April, 2006) (JMA) PDF[730KB]
10-3 Crustal Movements in the Kyushu and Okinawa Districts (GSI) PDF[1.4MB]
10-4 2Repeating earthquake activity at eastern off Kyushu, Japan, from October 2000 to March 2006 (NIED) PDF[4.4MB]
11-1 Anomalies of after shock activities in space and time measured by the Omori-Utsu formula and stress changes (ISM) PDF[3.1MB]
11-2 Short-Period Seismic-Wave Radiation Zones from the Great Historical Earthquakesalong the Nankai Trough by the Seismic Intensity Inversion (Kajima Co.) PDF[1.3MB]