Report of CCEP

Report Vol.42

1-1 Recent Seismic Activity in and around Hokkaido (December, 1988-May, 1989) (Hokkaido Univ.) PDF[604KB]
1-2 Earthquake Swarm in the Northern part of Tokachi region, Hokkaido (JMA) PDF[404KB]
1-3 Earthquake Swarm in the Northern Part of the Tokachi District (January-May, 1989) (Hokkaido Univ.) PDF[271KB]
1-4 Determination of Focal Mechanisms by Broad-band Seismometer Network (Earthquakes in and around Hokkaido in January, 1989) (Hokkaido Univ.) PDF[374KB]
2-1 Microearthquake Activity in and around the Tohoku District (November, 1988-April, 1989) (Tohoku Univ.) PDF[2.9MB]
2-2 Horizontal Crustal Movements in the Tohoku Region (GSI) PDF[1.2MB]
2-3 Continuous Observation of Crustal Deformation in the Tohoku District-Tilt Change for the period from April, 1984 to April, 1989 and the precursory strain and tilt changes associated with the 1983 Japan Sea Earthquake- (Tohoku Univ.) PDF[405KB]
2-4 Continuous Observation of Crustal Deformation in the Tohoku District-Strain Change for the period from April, 1984 to January, 1989- (Tohoku Univ.) . PDF[832KB]
2-5 Continuous Observations of Crustal Movements at Esashi Earth Tides Station (NAOM) PDF[368KB]
2-6 Molten Material in the Crust in the Southwestern Part of Fukushima Prefecture (ERI) PDF[403KB]
3-1 Recent Seismic Activities in the Kanto-Tokai Area (November, 1988-April, 1989) (CDP) PDF[513KB]
3-2 Seismic Activities in the Kanto-Koshinetsu District (November, 1988-April, 1989) (ERI) PDF[1MB]
3-3 Recent Seismicity around Southwestern-Ibaraki and Choshi (CDP) PDF[782KB]
3-4 Recent Seismic Activity near Ashio (CDP) PDF[758KB]
3-5 Seismic Activity near the Border of Gunma and Tochigi Prefectures (September, 1988-January, 1989) (JMA) PDF[449KB]
3-6 On the Earthquake (M5.6) in the southwestern Part of Ibaraki Prefecture, February 19,1989 (JMA) PDF[424KB]
3-7 On the Earthquake (M5.9) in the near Choshi City, March 6,1989 (JMA) PDF[448KB]
3-8 On the Earthquake (M5.3) in the Northern Part of Chiba Prefecture, April 26,1989 (JMA) PDF[304KB]
3-9 Seismic Activity in Iiyama Area, Northern Part of Nagano Prefecture (ERI) PDF[308KB]
3-10 Results of the Sea-Bottom Seismograph Observation in the Northwestern Part of the Sagami trough, Japan (CDP) PDF[930KB]
3-11 Crustal Movements in the Kanto District (GSI) PDF[2.2MB]
3-12 Horizontal Crustal Movements in the Northern Shinetsu Region (GSI) PDF[412KB]
3-13 Sagami Bay GPS Campaign 8812 (Preliminary Report) (Japanese University Consortium for GPS Research) PDF[1.2MB]
3-14 Recent Continuous Measurements of Crustal Tilt in the Kanto-Tokai Area (November, 1988-April, 1989) (CDP) PDF[1.4MB]
3-15 Results of Continuous Observation by Borehole Three-component Strainmeters at Yasato, Ibaraki and Kofu, Yamanashi (from November, 1988 to April, 1989) . (CDP) PDF[480KB]
3-16 Crustal Strain on and around the Kitatake Fault, Miura Peninsula (GS) PDF[277KB]
3-17 The Results of Continuous Observation of Radon Concentration at Fuchu City, Tokyo (May, 1988-April, 1989) (CDP) PDF[301KB]
3-18 Reflection Phases from a Zone near Bottom of the Sinking Philippine Sea Plate (Tohoku Univ.) PDF[482KB]
3-19 Upper Surface of the Philippine Sea Plate in and around Yamanashi Prefecture as deduced from SP converted Seismic Waves (ERI) PDF[406KB]
4-1 Seismic Activity in and around the Izu Peninsula (November, 1988-May, 1989) (JMA) PDF[151KB]
4-2 Seismic Activities in the Izu Peninsula and its Vicinity (November, 1988-April, 1989) (ERI) PDF[447KB]
4-3 Seismic Activity in and near the Kozu Island (December, 1988-January, 1989) (JMA) PDF[616KB]
4-4 Crustal Movements in the Izu Region (GSI) PDF[972KB]
4-5 Crustal Movements in the Izu-Oshima Island (GSI) PDF[317KB]
4-6 GPS Test Observation in Sagami wan (Manazuru-Izu-Oshima) (HD) PDF[283KB]
4-7 Vertical Movements in the Izu Peninsula (ERI) PDF[644KB]
4-8 Subsidence at West Coast of Izu Peninsula and the Tokai District (ERI) PDF[807KB]
5-1 Seismic Activities in the Tokai and Southern Kanto Districts (November, 1988-April, 1989) (JMA) PDF[807KB]
5-2 Distribution of Microearthquakes in Tokai District (November, 1988-April 30,1989) (Nagoya Univ.) PDF[282KB]
5-3 On the Seismic Activity in Tokai District (JMA) PDF[541KB]
5-4 Crustal Movements in the Tokai District (GSI) PDF[1MB]
5-5 Electronic Distance Measurements in the Tokai Region (1978-1988) (Nagoya Univ.) PDF[247KB]
5-6 Crustal Movement Observation in the Fuji River and the Suruga Bay Area (Part 15) (ERI) PDF[497KB]
5-7 Observations of the Crustal Tilts at Sagara and Kamisaka Stations in Shizuoka Prefecture (IV) (Shizuoka Univ. Shizuoka Pref.) PDF[461KB]
5-8 Observation of the Crustal-Strains by Borehole Strainmeters in the Tokai and Southern Kanto Districts (November, 1988-April, 1989) (JMA) PDF[1MB]
5-9 Crustal Measurement Observation in the Tokai District-Observation of Crustal Strain by Silica Tubu Strain-meters at Mizunami Observatory (July, 1983 -April, 1988) - (Nagoya Univ.) PDF[343KB]
5-10 Variations in the Geomagnetic Total Intensity in Tokai District (April, 1986-March, 1989) (ERI) PDF[540KB]
5-11 The Variation of the Groundwater Level Observed by Telemetering System in the Eastern Tokai District, Central Japan (1988) (7) (GS) PDF[310KB]
5-12 The Variation at the Radon Concentration in Ground-water Observed by Telemetering System in the Eastern Tokai-Izu District, Central Japan (1988) (7) (GS) PDF[350KB]
5-13 Variation in the Electrical Resistivity of the Fujikawa Fault (January, 1986-March, 1989) (ERI) PDF[194KB]
6-1 Seismic Activity in the Northwestern Chubu Region (including the Northern Hida, Toyama Bay and Noto Peninsula Regions) , July-December, 1988 (Kyoto Univ.) PDF[577KB]
6-2 Seismicity in the Eastern Chugoku, Northern Kinki and Hokuriku Districts, Southwest Japan (July-December, 1988) (Kyoto Univ.) PDF[342KB]
6-3 Recent Seismic Activity in and around Kyushu District (November, 1988-April, 1989) (JMA) PDF[818KB]
6-4 Recent Seismic Activity in the Western Kyushu District (November, 1988-April, 1989) (Kyushu Univ.) PDF[588KB]
6-5 Seismic Activity in and around the Okinawa District (November, 1988-April, 1989) (JMA) PDF[415KB]
6-6 On the Earthquake (M5.3) in the Central Part of Mie Prefecture, February, 19,1989 (JMA) PDF[302KB]
6-7 Vertical Movements in the Kinki Districts (GSI) PDF[607KB]
6-8 Crustal Movements in the Chugoku District (GSI) PDF[433KB]
6-9 Vertical Movements in the Kyushu and Okinawa Districts (GSI) PDF[381KB]
6-10 Long Baseline Measurements by GPS in Chubu-Kanto-Tokai Regions (1989) (Nagoya Univ., Tokyo Univ., ERI, Shizuoka Univ., Ibaraki Univ., Gifu Univ., MSTC) PDF[315KB]
6-11 Repeatable Measurements of Baseline Length by GPS in the Chubu-Tokai Area (October, 1988-March, 1989) (Nagoya Univ., Shizuoka Univ., Gifu Univ.) PDF[329KB]
6-12 Ground Deformations Observed at Tateyama (September, 1988-January, 1989) (Kyoto Univ.) PDF[409KB]
6-13 Ground Deformation Observed at Kamitakara (May, 1978-October, 1988) (Kyoto Univ.) PDF[218KB]
6-14 Crustal Strain and Tilt Observation at Inuyama (Nagoya Univ.) PDF[356KB]
6-15 Excavation Survey of the Okamura Fault Median Tectonic Line in Shikoku, Japan (GS) PDF[1.1MB]
7-1 Precise Observation of Geomagnetic Secular Variation (January, 1977-March, 1988) (Geomag Res Group) PDF[492KB]
7-2 On the Observation of Geoelectric Field with a Long Electrode Span (JMA) PDF[356KB]