Report of CCEP

Report Vol.43

1-1 Recent Seismic Activity in and around Hokkaido (June-November, 1989) (Hokkaido Univ.) PDF[369KB]
1-2 Earthquake Swarm in the Northern Part of the Tokachi District (March-October, 1989) (Hokkaido Univ.) PDF[218KB]
1-3 Crustal Movements in the Hokkaido District (GSI) PDF[315KB]
2-1 Microearthquake Activity in and around the Tohoku District (May-October, 1989) (Tohoku Univ.) PDF[2MB]
2-2 Seismic Activity in the Region far E. off Sanriku (Oct. 27-Nov. 18,1989) (JMA) PDF[895KB]
2-3 Continuous Observation of Crustal Defomation in the Tohoku District-Tilt Change for the period from April, 1984 to November, 1989- (Tohoku Univ.) PDF[249KB]
2-4 Continuous Observation of Crustal Deformation in the Tohoku District-Strain Change for the period from April, 1984 to November, 1989- (Tohoku Univ.) PDF[888KB]
2-5 Continuous Observations of Crustal Movements at the Esashi Earth Tides Station (NAOM) PDF[242KB]
2-6 Radon Observations in the Eastern part of Fukushima Prefecture (VIII) (Tokyo Univ.) PDF[144KB]
3-1 Recent Seismic Activities in the Kanto-Tokai Area (May, - October, 1989) (CDP) PDF[548KB]
3-2 Seismic Activities in the Kanto-Koshinetsu District (May-October, 1989) (ERI) PDF[797KB]
3-3 Crustal Movements in the Kanto District (GSI) PDF[634KB]
3-4 The Observation of Crustal Movements by GPS in Kanto-Tokai Area (Dec. 1988-Aug. 1989) (Tokyo Univ.) PDF[372KB]
3-5 Recent Results of Continuous Crustal Tilt Observation in the Kanto-Tokai Area (May-October, 1989) (CDP) PDF[1.4MB]
3-6 Results of Continuous Observation by Borehole Three-component Strainmetersat Yasato, Ibaraki and Kofu, Yamanashi (May-October, 1989) (CDP) PDF[446KB]
3-7 Variation in Earth Resistivity at Aburatsubo (Sep., 1988-Nov., 1989) (ERI) PDF[848KB]
3-8 Temporal Variation of b Value in the Shin'etsu Region (January, 1978-October, 1989) (ERI) PDF[464KB]
4-1 Seismic Activity in and around the Izu Peninsula (May-October, 1989) (JMA) PDF[1.6MB]
4-2 Seismic Activities in the lzu Peninsula and its Vicinity (May-October, 1989) (ERI) PDF[1.5MB]
4-3 Swarm Activity off Ito, July 1989 (CDP) PDF[530KB]
4-4 Earthquake Swarm off the East Coast of the lzu Penisula Caused by VolcanicEruption of the Teishi Seamount (Tohoku Univ.) PDF[870KB]
4-5 On the Earthquake (M5.7) near the lzu-Oshima Island, October 14,1989 (JMA) PDF[288KB]
4-6 Seismic Activity off the Northern Izu-Oshima Island of October 14,1989 (CDP) PDF[410KB]
4-7 An Interpretation of Off Ito Earthquake Swarm and Submarine VolcanicActivities in 1989 (CDP) PDF[749KB]
4-8 Low Frequency Earthquakes Associated with the Swarm off Ito (CDP) PDF[334KB]
4-9 Microtremor Observation at Ito City. -after the volcanic eruption of July 13,1989- (Kyoto Univ.) PDF[1.4MB]
4-10 Seismic Observation of the Earthquake Swarm off East Coast of lzu Peninsulaby Telecommunication Satellite System (ERI) PDF[187KB]
4-11 Crustal Movements ih the Izu Peninsula (GSI) PDF[1.1MB]
4-12 Displacement on the lto-Hatsushima line and lto-Usami line detected byan automatic electronic distancemeter (ERI) PDF[189KB]
4-13 GPS Measurement of a Baseline Vector between Hatsushima and Kawana (CDP) PDF[80KB]
4-14 GPS Observation around Sagami Bay (Manazuru-Izu Oshima-lzu Shirahama) (HD) PDF[213KB]
4-15 Crustal Movements in the Oshima Island (GSI) PDF[152KB]
4-16 Baseline determination between Simosato and Minamitori Shima by Satellite LaserRanging (HD) PDF[65KB]
4-17 Tilt changes associated with the earthquake swarms and volcanic activities of theEast off lzu peninsula, 1989 (CDP) PDF[545KB]
4-18 Seismic Activity off East Coast of Izu-peninsula, 1989 and Strain Changes Observedby the Borehole Strainmeter (JMA) PDF[636KB]
4-19 Changes in hot springs in the Usami-lto area related to the 1989 Ito-oki earthquakeswarm and the submarine eruption (ERI) PDF[265KB]
4-20 The variations of water temperature and strain related to the July 1989 swarm earthquake and eruption off east of Ito (Kyoto Univ.) PDF[209KB]
4-21 Radon Observations in the Izu Peninsula (VIII) (Tokyo Univ.) PDF[69KB]
4-22 Geomagnetic Total Intensity Observations in the Eastern Part of the lzu Peninsula (April, 1988-0ctober, 1989) (ERI) PDF[200KB]
4-23 The relationship between the earthquake swarms off east of Izu Peninsula and theanomalous change of the telluric potential observed at lzu-Oshima Island (ERI) PDF[444KB]
4-24 Geomagnetic Anomaly and Free-air Gravity Anomaly at the East Offing of Hachijyo-Shima (HD) PDF[159KB]
4-25 Submarine topographic change related to submarine volcano eruption at Teisi Knoll off lto in the eastern coast of lzu Peninsula (HD) PDF[936KB]
4-26 Submarine Topography and Geological Structure at the Eastern Offing of HachijyoShima Island (HD) PDF[437KB]
4-27 Submarine Topography and Geological Structure at the Eastern Offing of Sumisu Shima Island (HD) PDF[491KB]
5-1 Seismic Activity in the Tokai and Southern Kanto Districts (May-October, 1989) (JMA) PDF[469KB]
5-2 Distribution of Microearthquakes in Tokai District (May 1-Oct. 31,1989) (Nagoya Univ.) PDF[115KB]
5-3 On the Seismic Activity in the Tokai District (JMA) PDF[218KB]
5-4 Crustal Movements in the Tokai District (GSI) PDF[678KB]
5-5 Global Positioning System in Tokai area (Nagoya Univ., Shizuoka Univ., Gifu Univ.) PDF[166KB]
5-6 Observations of the Crustal Tilts at Sagara and Kamisaka Stations in Shizuoka Prefecture (V) (Shizuoka Univ., Shizuoka Pref.) PDF[207KB]
5-7 Observation of Crustal-Strains by Borehole Strainmeters in the Tokai and Southern Kanto Districts (May-October, 1989) (JMA) PDF[497KB]
5-8 Radon Observations in the Tokai District (VIII) (Tokyo Univ.) PDF[87KB]
5-9 Gravity Change in Tokai District (Kyoto Univ., Nagoya Univ., NAOM) PDF[151KB]
6-1 Seismic Activity in the Northwestern Chubu Region (including the Northern Hida, Toyama Bay and Noto Peninsula Regions) , January-June, 1989 (Kyoto Univ.) PDF[146KB]
6-2 Microearthquake Activity in the Hida District (Nov. 1,1988-Oct. 31,1989) (Nagoya Univ.) PDF[96KB]
6-3 Seismicity in the Eastern Chugoku, Northern Kinki and Hokuriku Districts, Southwest Japan (January-June, 1989) (Kyoto Univ.) PDF[203KB]
6-4 Recent Seismic Activity in and around Chugoku District (May, 1988-October, 1989) (ERI) PDF[337KB]
6-5 Recent Seismic Activity in and around Kyushu District (May-October, 1989) (JMA) PDF[271KB]
6-6 Seismic Activity in the Middle to Northern Kyushu (May-October1989) (Kyushu Univ.) PDF[288KB]
6-7 Seismic Activity in and around the Okinawa District (May-October, 1989) (JMA) PDF[186KB]
6-8 Seismic Activity in the Western Part of Tottori Prefecture since October 27,1989 (JMA) PDF[232KB]
6-9 An earthquake swarm which occurred to the south of Yonago City, (at the Tottori-Shimane borders) (Kyoto Univ., Tottori Univ.) PDF[665KB]
6-10 The Earthquake off Murotomisaki, Sept. 25,1989 (JMA) PDF[252KB]
6-11 Crustal Movements in the Kinki and the Chubu Districts (GSI) PDF[213KB]
6-12 Crustal Movements in the Chugoku District. (GSI) PDF[538KB]
6-13 Vertical Crustal Movements in the Kyushu and the Okinawa Districts (GSI) PDF[244KB]
6-14 Crustal Movements in the Southeastern Kyushu District (March, 1987-September, 1989) (Kyoto Univ.) PDF[268KB]
6-15 Geomagnetic Anomaly and Free-air Gravity Anomaly in the Vicinity of Toyama Bay (HD) PDF[138KB]
6-16 Continuous Observations on Time Change of Gravity by Means of TwoSuperconducting Gravity Meters at Kyoto (2) (Kyoto Univ.) PDF[267KB]
6-17 An Underground Structure Beneath Beppu Bay (Kyoto Univ.) PDF[414KB]
7-1 Determination of Source Mechanisms from Long-Period Seismic Waves (Earthquakes in and around Japan from February to November, 1989) (Hokkaido Univ.) PDF[196KB]
7-2 Precise Observation of Geomagnetic Secular Variation (January, 1977-September, 1989) (Geomag. Res. Group) PDF[286KB]
7-3 On the Observation of Geoelectric Field with a Long Electrode Span (JMA) PDF[129KB]